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Proactive Security

Global leading technology solutions to prevent and protect.

Prosecution Assistance

Expertise in complex litigation, internal investigation, and other school matters. We are noted for deploying cross-trained teams who gather deeper insights and greater value more quickly.


Often called on to address threats, discuss strategies, and consult risks to the security strategy.

What we do

core services

School Access Manager

The SAM® system assists school districts in preventing and managing school safety. This product blocks threats and other unwanted calls like scams, spam, phishing, robocalls, and debt collectors.

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We provide our clients with Digital Forensic Services associated with Theft of Intellectual Property, Data Breaches, Mass and Targeted Deletions, e-Forgeries, and other unwanted malevolent uses of data and devices.

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Who We Serve

State, Government, Public, Local and Municipal

Administrators know that technology can be a double-edged sword. Currently, CIPA (children’s internet protection act) and other regulatory requirements obligate schools to protect confidential information from all types of hackers and scammers.

TDR’s comprehensive prevention and security services will give government officials and administrators the protection needed to ensure a safe and productive environment at all times.

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Districts and technology leaders understand the importance of preventing certain security incidents. The costs of these incidents can be extremely high and can include:

  • Cost of determining the cause
  • Cost of preventing future breaches
  • Cost of legal counsel
  • Cost of public relations to regain trust
  • Cost of remediation

TDR Technology Solutions is focused on delivering strategic solutions that prevent these costs. We strive off of collaboration – please contact us today!

We are trustedTESTIMONIALS

Jacob LeonardGovernment Technology Consultant

“In order to make events safer, we need to embrace solutions. Because of TDR, we can confidently say we are now focused on preventing these problems before they occurs and have the process’s in place to protect our most valuable data.”

Jonathan IveData Protection Expert

“According to FSB, key pieces of information that are commonly stored by businesses, state, government etc. be that public records, bank details, tax history , transactions, or data collection, needs to be protected. This is to prevent that data being misused by third parties for fraud, such as phishing scams, and identity theft.”

Tina WhiteAdministrator

“Security issues can be extremely urgent. I was impressed on how fast TDR diagnosed the situation and came up with a solution.”

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